Friday, August 19, 2011

Hilariously Funny Stuff

The Scout Master has been in HOU for the entire week on a business trip.  Typically, when he travels, he gets very little "desk work" done because he's busy insurance related stuff.   So, when he comes home, he barricades himself in his office and answers emails, writes reports, and does other important insurance stuff.  When he's been gone on a long the 5 day one we just's a little harder for all of us to give him the space he needs in his office.  The kids and I usually drop in throughout the day.  I have issues with patience, and when I have a thought, it's hard for me to just hang on to it. 

This afternoon, TCD and I were tired of waiting.  We hovered outside his office and then eventually invited ourselves into his office...which is technically our master bedroom when it's not being used for important insurance related stuff.   We flopped on the bed.  She played games on my phone.  I read a book.  And the Scout Master kept working.  Then we had to have a short conversation about her plans for the evening, which apparently got too loud and distracting, because all of a sudden the Scout Master got up and left the room.   TCD and I stayed and waited for him to come back...and waited...and waited...

After about 15 minutes, we got a little bored.  That's never a good thing...

One of us had a great idea to add a little something "fun" to his report.  And the other one of us went over to his computer and actually did it.  At that point, it was like one totally demented, attention starved brain acting without reservation...

Wanna see what happens when you leave us alone with an unattended computer for too long?

I wish she had taken a picture of the whole report because it's even funnier when you read the actual "important insurance related stuff" that he was writing about...and then insert "I love fluffy unicorns" at the end.  

We had to restrain ourselves from laughing hysterically when he finally came back into the room to finish his report.  He started at the beginning and read through the whole thing trying to get back his train of thought...and we waited...and we waited...and then the laughing started and we knew we had succeeded in getting his attention. 


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