Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This totally sounds like a paid endorsement for this website, but it's not.  I just discovered it while I was in Utah, and I am rapidly becoming a HUGE FAN, so I thought I'd share.

This is my new favorite thing...
It's one of those calorie counter/food trackers, but it's better than any of the others I've used.  

Here's why...

  • I put in my current weight (which I'm not telling you), my goal weight (which I'm also NOT telling you), and it calculates how many calories I'm allotted within a typical day.  And then I can track all of my meals and exercise throughout the day.  It tells me exactly how many calories, carbs, proteins, and sugars I have left for the day. 
this is obviously someone else's because that's WAY more calories than I get in a day!

At the end of the day, I hit FINISHED and it tells me, "If everyday were like today, you'd weigh XXX in 5 weeks!"  I'm not super obsessive about that actual number.   I'm more interested in the fact that my clothes fit and that parts of me don't continue to move when I'm standing still.  But it's nice to be able to keep track of how much I'm eating and how that translates into weight loss/gain.  It kinda keeps me more accountable than I would be on my own.  You can't exactly go on a mindless eating binge when you have to log all those bites!

  • I can find anything on that food list!  Really!  Fast food, homemade stuff, vegetarian stuff...it's ALL on there.  One night, while I was in Utah, I went to Chili's with some friends and we ordered the molten chocolate cake and a paradise pie to share (there were 4 of us.)  After we finished, we decided to look them up on myfitnesspal to see how many calories we had just consumed.  (Um...in the future, I will be looking things up BEFORE I order them!)  
did you know that there are 1250 calories in this???

and 1020 in this!!

I'm not a huge chocolate fan, so I let the other girls have most of the molten chocolate thing.  And I'm not big on ice cream lately so I didn't eat that.  And there WERE four of us.  So, it's not like I actually ate all 2300 calories by myself.  But, if I had known how many calories there were in those two desserts, I would have made a different choice for sure!  (like chips and salsa)
 500 calories (split between 4 people...that's only 125 per person...except I could probably eat that whole thing by myself)

  • The other thing that's cool about myfitnesspal is that I can put in all the exercise that I do in a day and I get calorie credits for it.  So my morning walks (I think I walk about 4 miles in an hour) give me an extra 337 calories a day.  And three days a week when I also go to water aerobics classes,  I get another 260 calories!   (That's like a free cherry limeade and 5 Red Vines a day if I want them.)
5 Red Vines = 140 calories
Medium Cherry Limeade = 220 calories
  • It's kind of a nice thing to give me a better perspective on what I'm actually consuming in a day.  The other day, I was in a grazing kind of a mood, and all I could find was a Wildlicious Pop Tart...ew...and when I checked on myfitnesspal to see how many calories were in it, guess what I found!!!  200 calories in ONE POP TART...not both of them that come in the little silver bag (and what exactly are you supposed to do with the other one?  why don't they just package them in single servings??)  
200 calories = my morning walk.  
It would take me a whole hour to walk off that one yucky, impulsive Pop Tart.  SO not worth it! 
  • AND...the thing I love the very most is that there's a myfitnesspal Droid app which means that it goes with me EVERYWHERE because I never leave home without my BFF Droid.  So when I'm sitting in a restaurant having lunch with a friend, like I was yesterday, I can check before I order to see how many calories are in a thing.
 420 calories in this Margherita Pizza

I LOVE this thing! 


  1. oh yeah, I left that part out...it's TOTALLY free! Which makes it even better than WW which I've heard is a great calorie tracker, too...but NOT free.