Friday, August 26, 2011


Guess where we're going tomorrow??? the SMU Stadium to watch the first Allen High School football game of the season!!!  We're all so excited we can hardly stand it, so I had to have TWO posts about it.  (Hopefully, the one tomorrow will have more pictures.)

This is who we're going to see...

Andrew Rodriguez #19, starting Wide Receiver.   Our family has gotten to be quite good friends with A Rod's family and we've all been dying to see him play football since we moved here last year. 

This season, they're ranked #5 in the nation.

Oh, and there's that awesome band, too.  We only know about 20 of the 800 band members, and we won't have a clue which ones are which, but I LOVE that band almost as much as I love the Rodriguez family, so it'll be awesome to see them play again.

By the time we get into the stadium at 7:00, the afternoon high of 105 degrees will have cooled down to 94, so it should be slightly more bearable...hopefully.  100 degrees or not, it should still be an amazing night.  Stay tuned for more pictures and details of the game tomorrow...


  1. We have lived here since 2002 and have yet to go to a football game! This is goin to be a year! It's Texas Friday Night Lights! You guys have super fun! I can't wait to see the pics!