Monday, August 22, 2011

The First Day of School

I wish I could say that I'm one of those moms who mourns the end of the summer and cries when my kids go back to school.  I'm not.  I LOVE the beginning of the school year.  I really, really like having my kids around more often in the summer, going on vacations, and not having a schedule, but I'm always ready for them to go back to school, too. 

I think we all had a hard time going to sleep at a reasonable hour last night.  At 10:30, Mack was still making appearances in the kitchen or on the stairs complaining that he couldn't sleep.  Hopefully, the adrenaline of the new school year will keep him awake today.

Here's how our morning went...

6:30am  Scriptures - since we finished the Book of Mormon at the end of May, we started over from the beginning this morning.

7:30am  Round One (June - 6th Grade, Mack - 3rd Grade)

7:45am - Round Two (TCD - 9th Grade)

8:15am - Round Three (Spell Girl - 7th Grade)

This schedule will last for exactly three days until we add Early Morning Seminary into the rotation on Thursday.  I'm not sure yet what that's going to look like, except that it will start a LOT earlier.   TCD has to be there at 6:00am, and with carpooling, we will be walking out the door at 5:40am!  Yikes!!

I've been looking forward to my perfectly carved out 6 hours, but unfortunately the day didn't go quite the way I planned.  A new calling yesterday meant a Planning Meeting at 9am.  The number of days in August is dwindling fast, so my visiting teaching companion scheduled a brunch from 10:30 - 12 (where we also discussed carpooling for seminary.)  And then a quick trip to the grocery store on the way home because somehow we already need to restock for lunches. much for my morning walk with my Playlist, water aerobics, and starting on those Resolutions.  Oh well...I have 179 more days to do all of that stuff.  It's only the beginning of the week...and the beginning of the school year!   I'm so excited for the things coming up this year, and for the new opportunities my kids will have in school.  And I'm glad everyone got where they needed to be on time this morning.  I can't wait to hear how they all did today.

But for the next 20 minutes, until they start walking in the door and telling me their stories, I think I might sneak in a power nap!   



  1. next time I hear someone complaining about seminary and how early we start I will tell them it could be worse! Ouch 5:40 with a 6am start time. It is worth it but I really do love our days off more than I ever did before :)

    Hope all the kids have a wonderful school year!!

  2. They're so cute... :-) Hope they had a good first and second day!

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  4. Redo...I miss those faces. Tell Emma she looked beautiful. I posted the kids' pics on facebook. Try to sneak a look on TCD's :)