Sunday, August 21, 2011


Tonight, we took TCD to the Seminary Kick-off Fireside.  I have no personal experience with early morning seminary because I wasn't a member of this church when I was in high school.  But from what I understand, this Stake's seminary program is quite amazing.  

 this is the high school...

this is the new/under construction $60 million football stadium...
...this is the AHS band oops...Escadrille in Cowboy Stadium

...and this is where we live. why would the Allen Stake Seminary program be anything less than enormous and remarkable??

There are 15 Seminary teachers, 8 classes, and over 200 students.  This year, their course of study is the Old Testament.  I've never read the Old Testament, so I think I might have to read this along with TCD this year.  After listening to the Stake President and meeting TCD's teacher, I'm so excited for her!  What an amazing opportunity she'll have to solidify her testimony of the Savior, increase her knowledge of the scriptures, and fortify her standards every morning before she heads into a crowded school full of noise and challenges.  I can't wait to see how much she'll learn this year.  And how very grateful I am for the many opportunities that our children have in this incredible place we live.     

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