Friday, August 12, 2011

The Library

Allen Public Library
I LOVE the library!  I always forget how MUCH I love the library until I actually walk through the doors and see the books, and smell that library smell, and hear...absolutely nothing, except thinking.   You can just feel people becoming more enlightened in that place!
This week, since Borders is going out of business, I wandered through the store just to see if there were any amazing deals there.  Unfortunately, the sale wasn't all that amazing and most of the books have been completely picked over, so I didn't find anything.  The thing about book stores is that I see tons of books I might like to read, but I'm way too cautious to just buy something without knowing for sure that I'll LOVE it. 
The library, though, is the kind of place where I can throw all caution to the wind and just TRY something.  It's like walking into an automatic "YES!"  No place else is like that.  Exhilaration, complete freedom.  I can be as impulsive as I want without reservation or guilt.  And if I don't love the book I've checked out, I can just return questions asked.  I LOVE that place!
Look!  Endless choices and no obligations.  

I had a few books that I was specifically looking for, but after I found them, I decided to just walk through the stacks and explore without any purpose.  The library is one of those places I can get lost in for HOURS!  Do you know what caught my attention on this visit?

Kinda all over the place, huh?
When I go to the library, I always have to limit myself to whatever I can carry out of the building without assistance, because without limitations, I would check out 40 books every time.  This time I only checked out 7.  That'll be plenty to keep me busy for the next 3 weeks...and it will keep me on track with that New School Year's Resolution goal that I have.  

For as long as I can remember I have always felt totally comfortable and at home in the library.  It brings back happy memories of elementary school and college.  It reminds me that there are endless avenues of knowledge that I haven't yet explored.  It makes me want to wear my glasses more often and be smarter.   
I have another bigger, more long-term list of Life Goals, and I sometimes I feel like they're  unattainable.  One of the things on it is to obtain a Master's Degree in Library Science.  Walking into that library this week made me remember why I want that.  Sometimes don't you think a strong will is enough to bridge the gap between limitations and achievement?   
I hope so...


  1. I want to read ALL of those books! Oh, wait, I can;t even finish the ONE book I checked out two weeks ago because SCHOOL IS STARTING on Monday!!!

  2. Thanks just what I need ... more books to read ;) I will just add them to my nook they won't be lonely with the other 400 books I have on it.