Monday, August 29, 2011

New Appliances

Over the weekend we made a fairly big purchase.  I've been putting this off as LONG as I possibly could, but it was becoming inevitable.

When we moved into our Mendon House in 2005, we acquired a washer and dryer from some really good friends.  They happened to have an extra washing machine in their garage that they GAVE us, and one of their relatives had a dryer that they sold to us for almost nothing.  I don't know that I've ever been more grateful for two appliances in my life.  With four kids, there's kind of a lot of laundry!  For 6 years, I have loaded and unloaded those things.  I've taught 3 1/2 kids to do their own laundry in those machines.  (Mack can't quite do the soap and the settings yet, but he's great at separating all the colors.)   

I'm not sure how old those appliances were when we got them, but both were consistent and reliable until this January when the dryer started dying a slow death.  At first it was just taking a little longer to dry the clothes.  Then the lint trap stopped collecting lint.  Then it started taking two full cycles to dry, so I started washing smaller loads.  And finally this week, we were up to four cycles before the clothes were dry.  Yep...FOUR!  That was when we realized it was time to retire them.  So we Googled, and researched, and polled the audience, and shopped around, and this week we finally committed to a set.  We went to a scratch and dent place and got an awesome deal (because that's so much more fun than paying full price!)

I was sad to see the old ones go, but that didn't last long when I started doing my first loads of laundry in these new fancy machines. They're so speedy! and so quiet! and so amazing!  The buttons play cute little songs when you press them.  The washing machine fits 4X as much laundry.  The dryer just knows when the clothes are dry and turns itself off.  And when you open the door, the clothes are ACTUALLY DRY!!  

I am blissfully happy with my two new appliances.   Laundry has just become so much more FUN!



Apparently I'm not the only one enjoying the new purchase.  Mack stood in the laundry room for almost the entire 47 minutes and watched the clothes.  Who knew that a washing machine would provide so much entertainment?  Unfortunately the dryer doesn't have a glass door, so we can't watch the clothes while they're in there.

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