Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A New Routine

Typically our Wednesdays look like this:

4:30-5:30  Activity Days (June and I) only the 1st and the 3rd
4:30-5:30  Cub Scouts (Mack) that's a recent addition, though 
6:30-6:45  scarf down a really fast family dinner
7:00-8:30  YM/YW (The Scout Master, TCD and Spell Girl)

As of Sunday, though, our schedules just became a little different.  I have a new calling in the YW Presidency which means more of us will be going to YM/YW on Wednesday nights.  We haven't worked out the exact logistics yet, so we may ALL be going.  I'm nervous and excited about the opportunity for lots of different reasons, but it's a little overwhelming right now.  Someone said, "It feels like we're drinking from a fire hydrant."  Totally!  

Just in case I have painted too rosy a picture of my relationship with my daughters in the past, here's a glimpse of my very realistic Sunday, after receiving my new calling...

My friend stopped us in the hall at church and asked TCD if she was so excited that her mom would now be in YW with her.

TCD:  Well, she's been stalking all the activities lately, so they really didn't have much choice but to put her in YW's.  (yep, it was that snarky...)

Later, when we got home, I was having a nice, quiet moment with my agreeable Spell Girl, and I felt like I needed a little uplifting, so I asked her what she thought about my new calling.  She just shrugged and said, "I guess it's fine.  Just don't change any of the activities.  We've already planned everything through December."  (insert my extreme deflation here...)

As irritated as the older girls were that I was now IN Young Women's, June was equally irritated that I was OUT of Activity Days.  I'm no longer her teacher in Primary or her Activity Days leader, so I mostly got the silent treatment on Sunday. (sigh...)

New school schedules, new YW leaders, new teachers, new everything this week.  We're all a little out of sorts.  But everyone's attitudes about this change have improved since Sunday (including mine.)  Tonight was my first official YW Activity and it went pretty well.  My girls were happy to ride with me to church and sit next to me.  And Mack was thrilled to get to go to the Court of Honor with his dad and watch the older boys earn stuff?? (I really need to figure out what all that scout stuff is called.)  

There are things that I need to learn in this calling apparently...humility, tolerance, creativity, patience, and a billion other things, I'm sure.  So, I'm borrowing this quote from my amazing niece's blog and I'm jumping in...

So even though I’m scared, really pretty scared, about what lies ahead, I’m going to continue on the path.  I’m going to trust the process, knowing that constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone is part of it, and I’m just going to keep trying.  At the end of the day, if “a skill untested is a skill not possessed”, and these are skills I want to posses, then I guess I’m going to have to find a way to pass the test.