Thursday, June 9, 2011


This morning, June had a semi-traumatic experience at the doctor's office.  Doesn't that stink that right after a birthday celebration, you have to endure annual doctor visits?  

While I watched her struggling to hold back tears, I thought, "This situation requires some kind of amazing treat."  

Here's her favorite treat/place to go on a date with mom or dad (or both if she can get away with it.)

 I LOVE choices and I LOVE frozen stuff in the summer, so this was perfect for both of us.  They have funky flavors at this avocado, pistachio, coconut and taro (ew...none of us has been brave enough to ever try any of those.) 

Today, June stuck with her favorites...Chocolate, Cookies and Cream and Caramel.  And she topped it with tiny little peanut butter cups, and peanuts.  

I'm a little less daring with my yogurt.  I ALWAYS get sugar-free vanilla yogurt with some kind of fruit (today it was mango and raspberries) AND my favorite indulgence...well, my favorite yogurt-y indulgence...


(If I could skip the yogurt and fill the whole little cup with those things, I'd be perfectly happy.)

So, even though the morning started in a less than ideal way for both of us, I'm glad we were able to turn it around with a little yogurt.  It's nice that simple pleasures still make a difference, even when you're eleven. 

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