Saturday, June 11, 2011


DISCLAIMER:  My brother-in-law is NOT going to be happy that I've written an "Optometrists" post before a "Dentists" post.  But I don't actually LOVE dentists.   (I like my brother-in-law just fine, but I'm not going to visit him at his office anytime soon.)  And I do have that post about DENTAL CONTAINERS...that counts, right?  Sorry, Dan...

Apparently this week is our official "catch up on doctor visits" week...

Today, TCD and my husband had appointments with the Optometrist.  They both needed annual renewals for their contact prescriptions and somehow I got talked into a vision test, too.  I have no idea why, because my vision is just fine...except occasionally when I'm driving at night...and when I'm trying to read those ridiculously small scriptures...and when I watch TV downstairs, but that's just because the words on the menu are WHITE on a BLUE background and that's impossible for anyone to read.  In every other situation, my vision is JUST FINE!  

But I agreed to humor them and take the test.

I'm not sure how my phone was unattended long enough for TCD to take pictures of this experience, but I'm posting them because I want her to know that I'm totally comfortable looking like a dork.  

The official diagnosis was that my vision isn't bad enough to prevent me from driving a car.  (see!!  I told them it was just fine!)  But it's not perfect either.  So the doctor left the decision up to me.  If I want to see the world more clearly, I now have a prescription for glasses; if not, then I don't have to use it!  Hooray!  That officially puts her on the list of people I LOVE today.  (Other people in my family were slightly unhappy with that decision and they think I cheated on the test.  How can you cheat on a vision test???)   

I haven't decided whether I'm giving in to the glasses or not.  With all these choices, I can't even decide on frames!!!

What do you think?


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  1. I think you're adorable! So glad TCD took pictures AND that you posted them - way cute.

    Seeing the world clearly is a Stuff You Will Love. Really!

    I have actually reached the point where I can no longer wear contacts regularly - my distance vision and near vision are just too far apart to get simultaneous, satisfactory correction. So I pretty much wear contacts only for hiking, biking and swimming pools, and it's glasses the rest of the time (including prescription sunglasses).

    I've had to "embrace" myself as a glasses-wearer. Mind you, I've worn glasses since the age of 7, and contacts since 15 or so. It's weird to NOT be a regular contacts-wearer after 27 years! It does help that over the last few years I have built up a "collection" of glasses, so that I have 6 pairs to choose from, including some with polka dots! And believe it or not, one reason I went back to shorter hair is because I liked the glasses/short hair look better than with my longer hair - hahahaha!

    Once you have your prescription, you can get frames/lenses ANYWHERE, including online (make sure the Rx includes the "pupilary distance" measurement). Just think, this will open up a whole new world of fashion and shopping! :)

    Go ahead, take the plunge, "see" what you've been missing!