Friday, June 10, 2011

Our NEW House!!

Wanna see what we bought this morning!?!?


Piano Room

Living Room
Upstairs Living Room
Spell Girl's Room
TCD's Room (because it has the biggest closet)
Mack's Room


I am overwhelmed and totally grateful that when we were looking for rental homes last summer, the only three available happened to be within the same ward boundaries.  And that when we finally decided on one, we were fortunate enough to end up in a great neighborhood, with great schools.  And I'm especially grateful that, unlike our last move, this one isn't across the's just across the street!

Everyday, it becomes more and more clear to me that there are no accidents.  We didn't just get lucky when we picked this house and this street and this ward.  I'm convinced that there is a very specific reason for us to be here, in this place, at this time.  We have been unbelievably blessed in the short time we've been here and I look forward to the next indefinite number of years in this new home and the blessings yet to come.    

(These pictures were taken during the inspection.  I'll post some updated ones with OUR furniture as we move it all in.  My plan is to have everything moved and unpacked, rooms painted and decorated, and stuff on the walls by the end of the month!)  


  1. Gorgeous Home! :) Congrats, glad to see y'all plan to stick around!

  2. Thanks, Amie! We're glad to be staying, too!!