Monday, June 13, 2011


OK, LOVE might be a strong word for the way I feel about moving.  It's hard work, and two moves within one year is a lot...even for me.  But this is the 8th time we've moved since we've been married and I think I've gotten pretty good at it.  There are some things I definitely love about moving...

I LOVE decorating a new space.
I LOVE finding new purposes for old stuff.
I LOVE starting over with clean/organized cabinets and shelves that are exactly the way I want them.. 

This move is different than any of the others, though, because we're not going that far...just across the street...well, technically it's across the street and 3 houses to the left, but way shorter than any of our past moves, for sure!  After 24 hours of the actual "moving across the street" process, though, it's possible that this could be the most tedious move we've ever made.

It's been a really, really, really LONG day!  The kids and I have made no less than 65 trips to the new house.  They have pulled wagon-loads of STUFF over there.  We've carried things.  Emma tried to get a "bucket brigade" going with some of the neighbor kids, but it didn't quite work...there was frustration and yelling and crying for a little while, but it passed quickly and they're all best friends again.  We've loaded and unloaded Craig's car at least 17 times...but somehow it still doesn't look like we've done very much.

There have been some challenging things about this move...
  • Craig left this morning (with the van) at 4am for Scout Camp and he won't be home until Saturday (and neither will my van.)  Then he leaves for a business trip to HOU the following Monday. ('s possible we could have timed this better...)
  • It's 100 degrees outside and the electricity in the new house won't be turned on until Thursday.
  • I have eight sets of dishes and fewer cabinets in the new kitchen than I have in the current one.   
But, even though today has been exhausting, there's still a lot to be grateful for...

  • Every single time that wagon has been pulled down the street, some very thoughtful neighbor child has followed it to the house, helped my kids lift it up over the curb and then stayed to unload the contents.  Some have even come back for a second load.
  • Neighbor children are happy to be paid in popsicles or Sonic slushies!
  • It's a short walk back to our air conditioned house where there is unlimited ice in the freezer and gallons and gallons of water to drink!

  • We have two WHOLE weeks to trickle things across the street as slowly as we want to.
  • I think 65 trips across the street with boxes of heavy stuff counts as some kind of exercise, don't you?
  • I think I got the better end of the deal with that Scout Camp thing.

Tomorrow is Moving Day #2...with all of the Mia Maids coming over to help!  I wonder if they be as satisfied with popsicles and slushies??  


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