Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Elders Quorum

After five straight days of moving the contents of my house down the street in 100 degree weather, with no less than 6 children helping me, I've given up trying to be amazing.  We did a lot, but last night, the things that were left were HUGE, HEAVY, and the refrigerator, the two larger beds, THE PIANO, and the enormous armoire.   
It currently houses a TV, but the new house has a built in entertainment area, so I don't know where this is going to go, but I love it, so I'm keeping it. 

Even with ALL the neighborhood kids helping me, I couldn't have gotten that stuff down the street.  So I gave in and called the Elders Quorum President.  And this morning at 8:00, EIGHT very nice men were at my front door ready to lift stuff and haul it to the new house for me.  In ONE HOUR that small group of men did what it had taken me ALL week to do on my own.   Not one of them complained about the dust bunnies that live behind my fridge.  Not one of them made me feel stupid for not knowing how to disconnect all the things that live in that giant armoire.  Not one of them minded that they actually had to CARRY everything down the street because I didn't have a truck.  They took things apart AND put them back together on the other end.  They connected my washer and dryer AND the water line on my fridge so that we would have ice!  And when they left, they were all still smiling.  One of them even said, "Thanks for letting us help!"   I realized after that hour, that sometimes we're not supposed to do things all by ourselves.  Sometimes it's a good thing to ask for help.  

I am so grateful that we have organizations like The Elders Quorum in our Church to assist at a moment's notice.  I could not have finished this move without them.  I will be making LOTS of cookies this weekend...or as soon as I find the cookie sheets. 

Update:  When the Scoutmaster came home this afternoon, he was thrilled and surprised and as grateful as I am that everything is finished.   We're all totally looking forward to sleeping in our new house tonight!    


  1. So excited for you!!! I'll bet the Scoutmaster was WAY surprised, too - what a fun thing to do!

    When Igor arrived here 7 years ago with a HUGE U-haul and only himself, me, and Nephew (who was a kindergartner at the time) to unload it and set things up. Mrs. Igor was several hours behind in the van, with a howling infant, hyper dog, and vomiting cat. My brother SOOOO wanted to have the truck unloaded and the house put together before she got here, but we despaired of the task....

    Until some neighbor men and their hardy boys showed up. Strangers. Church members (duh) when we CLEARLY were not (the "evidence" abounded). They had the truck unloaded, furniture put together/placed, and appliances running - in about 90 minutes. A.MA.ZING!!! What a warm welcome, surprising and not something we were used to.

    Now, of course, we know how it works, and we pitch in for such things (even if we're not technically part of the ward). We've never forgotten how those neighbors just showed up and started hauling, as we stood there with our mouths hanging open!

  2. I LOVE that! Thanks for sharing! Don't you just love people who come to the rescue?

  3. Glad you are all moved in :) Mamie what a great story thanks for sharing!!