Saturday, June 4, 2011


I LOVE summer! 

But I'm a detail girl, so I love plans, structure and schedules, too.  It's difficult for me to let the day unfold on it's own.  When my kids were little, I used to plan daily activities every summer to keep them all occupied.  I sent out letters to all the moms I knew telling them exactly where they could expect to see us over the summer and inviting them to join us at any of those places if they wanted to...because stuff is always more fun with friends!  I scheduled Park Days, Library Days, Pool Days, movie days and field trips, and I had a huge calendar on the refrigerator so the kids would know exactly what we were doing at any given time.  We also had reading time, nap time, and craft time built into every summer day.   And at the end of the summer they would draw pictures of the things they did and we would turn their pictures into Summer Journals.  Good grief!  I was way more amazing then than I am now.  I'm not sure how the heck I did all of that.

But now with older kids, it's less likely that we'll have a set schedule.  They stay up later and sleep later than they used to.  It's more difficult to find things they all want to do together.   And although we do still have reading time in our house, it almost always happens late at night when they're supposed to be sleeping.  

So, on this first official day of summer vacation, I have decided to commit to only a few things:

  • Make breakfast everyday (because with the way a typical summer day tends to go, I need to know that they've eaten at least one healthy meal.)  
  • Keep the freezer stocked with popsicles. 

  • Be more relaxed. 

  • Wear flip flops as often as possible.  

...and enjoy every single day because they go by way too quickly!

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