Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I think this is the 100th post that I've written about music, but I kinda like music, and today, it's been as helpful with this move as my neighbors were yesterday.

I haven't listened to any music in the past 48 hours and I think that was making me grumpy...some kind of crazy withdrawals, I'm sure.  I needed something peppy, but not too distracting, to motivate me to get my closet organized.

So this morning, I dragged my laptop over to the new house with some speakers and plugged everything in while I worked on my closet...which, btw, was a bigger job than the kitchen.  I have WAY too many clothes and shoes! 

It's amazing how the right music can motivate you to do amazing things.  

I turned on Pandora and started working and all of a sudden it was an hour later and my closet was done!

I've moved on to other parts of the house, and my music has once again taken a backseat to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez blaring from the rooms upstairs.  I don't actually mind, though...they're pretty peppy, too!  In a minute, when the kids are finished with their lunch break, and they head out to their afternoon swimming dates, I'll turn mine back on. 

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