Friday, June 3, 2011

The Last Day of School

I officially LOVE the last day of school.  It has been a completely insane two weeks packed with craziness, so we couldn't have a quiet ending.  
10:00 Temple (last two hours of quiet before summer officially starts) 

12:30 Savannah had a half day at school, so I took her to lunch at Free Birds.   

I had this minus the chicken and the sour cream
1:00 Shopping for Emma's birthday party.
3:00 Kids home from school!

5:00  Dropped Savannah and Megan off at two different End of the Year swim parties.

6:00  Emma's party! (Mall Scavenger Hunt/Late Over)

It's the funniest thing to be in a car full of almost-11 year olds.  They want to listen to music, but they don't stop talking long enough to hear it.  We listened to Justin Bieber until three of the girls confessed that they don't actually like him.  Then we listened to Sean Kingston, but I think I was the only one who could hear him, and I don't actually like him.  

Then they talked about how hot Taylor Lautner is...

And then I heard this conversation...
10 year old:  "You know that guy R**** A*****??"
11 year old:  "Ewwwww....yes!  He's creepy!"
10 year old:  "I know!  He tried to put his arm around me at school yesterday!"
The whole van:  "EEEEWWWWW!"
Once we got to the mall, we split into 2 teams to hunt for our scavenger stuff.  I had my doubts about how this activity was going to go, but we had SO much fun!

Here's what we had to find:
a paperclip
a hanger
3 business cards
tissue paper
green eyeshadow (we got 10 bonus points because we were WEARING it)
a french fry (guess who got talked into asking someone in the food court for that one??)
a straw
a ketchup packet
a map of the mall
a brochure
a receipt
a stranger's signature
a piece of tape
a sale tag
a clearance tag

We had one hour and we could only collect one item from each store.  Totally fun!  The people we bothered were SO nice.  (Apparently everyone is happy it's finally summer!)   
Oh, and my team WON!!  

my team was very focused and serious
meeting in the food court after the scavenger hunt

8:30  Cupcakes, jammies and presents at home.

10:00  All of Emma's guests left and I went to pick up the other two girls. 

11:00  Home...sitting down...sleeping in tomorrow...


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