Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Moving Day #2

I have seriously LOVED this day..

  • This morning at 8:00, my neighbor texted and asked if she could come over and help move things.  (I had already been up for a couple of hours dreading her text...not because I don't desperately NEED the help, but because I don't have a PLAN.  Lots of people in the ward and in the neighborhood have asked if they can help, but I keep saying no because I don't want them coming over and getting frustrated that nothing's ready.)  But this neighbor is the perfect solution to that challenge...she just did it anyway.  She jumped right into the dining room and started carrying things one by one across the street!  And then another neighbor came over and did the same thing...two hours later, my kitchen, dining room, and piano room were not only completely empty in this house, but PUT AWAY in the new house!  

  • Somehow, all the dishes from my kitchen miraculously fit into the new kitchen cabinets!  (That is equivalent to one of those fishes and loaves experiences for me.  Really...I still don't know how we pulled that off!)

  • One of the little girls on the street who is typically Spell Girl's friend came over early to help move things.  (Spell Girl goes in phases with people...sometimes she thrives in the company of others, and sometimes...like today...she would like to curl up in her little turtle shell and be quiet.)  So this cute little girl moved on to June.  She and June have spent the day moving June's ENTIRE room...the dresser, the desk, the shelves, the stuffed animals, the boxes...seriously, they've been like determined little ants carrying things down the street ALL DAY LONG and all by themselves!  (And they were thrilled with the Sonic slushies that I brought home for them!)

  • After moving things all morning, one of Mack's friends invited him over to swim, and then when his parents found out the girls were all home, they invited them, too! There is nothing better than spending the afternoon in the pool during the heat of the day!  (I might have to do a whole post on Neighbors With POOLS.)   It was nice to be alone and quiet for a minute while the kids were all swimming.  

  • Another neighbor invited my kids to have dinner at her house tonight. (That's been my biggest challenge...remembering to feed everyone.  I'm fine just grazing all day long...a smoothie, an apple, some goldfish...but the kids don't really graze effectively.  If left on their own, they would just eat chips and cookies all day long.  So I'm very, very grateful that they will have a decent dinner tonight.)

And the very best thing about today...
  • I called StarTex Power to ask them if there was ANY way they could get the power turned on any sooner than Thursday, and guess what!!...they said YES!  It is now a blissfully cool 75 degrees, I can open the garage door, and the lights work, which means my moving day has been extended by a few hours!!  Hooray!  
What an awesome Father's Day present to have the whole house moved while my husband is at Scout Camp...hmmm, I wonder if I can pull that off???  Maybe I should take the grill over there, too, and have some amazing grilled thing waiting for him for dinner...
Nevermind, trying to be amazing never really works out the way I think it will.  And I don't actually know how to grill.  Maybe I'll just stick with getting the furniture over there. 



  1. Don't forget to "fold" the paper when you unpack a box ;)

    Wish I were there to help! REALLY

  2. No paper involved in this move! Hooray!! And the people who came last night to pick up all the boxes and packing stuff that we saved from last year were shocked that it was all folded and that the boxes were all sorted by size. :)