Monday, June 6, 2011


I'm not sure how it's possible that ELEVEN years have gone by since June was born.  I totally remember bringing her home from the hospital like it happened just last week.  TCD was almost 4, Spell Girl was 20 months old, and I was not even a little bit prepared to be the mother of three little girls.  Things have gotten better since then. 

ELEVEN things I love about this girl...

1.  She works REALLY REALLY hard!  In April, my husband told the girls he would buy them each a new outfit if they got As and Bs on their final report cards, and TWO new outfits if they got all As.  At the time, June had mostly Bs and a couple of Cs, but she kicked it into gear and qualified for the TWO outifts!  (It's amazing what you can do with the right motivation.)

2.  She loves to cook.  Whenever I'm in the kitchen, I can count on June wandering in to see if she can help. The other kids come and go, but June is ALWAYS my sous-chef. 

3.  She was my most patient baby.  She never complained.  She never cried for anything.  She just waited patiently for her turn.  There were times when the other two girls had completely finished their lunches and I would look over and notice June still sitting in her high chair waiting for her food.  (She has found her voice since then, and she doesn't wait as patiently as she used to, but what a huge blessing she was when my hands were full in those early years!)

4.  She is hilariously funny.  June has always had a great sense of humor.  Hers is more mischievous than TCD's lightning fast wit, but hilariously funny nonetheless.

5.  She loves hanging out at her desk...writing letters, cutting stuff out of magazines, creating.   I don't know where she gets that.

6.  She has inherited my organizational skills.  I can always tell when June has unloaded the dishwasher because the silverware is all lined up beautifully and the tupperware is stacked.  That makes me exceedingly happy.

7.  She has more friends than I can count.  That has always been the case.  It's the same here as it was in Mendon.  She knows every kid in the 5th grade and on our street.  If we need information about our neighbors, June is the source.  She knows who's moving, who's on vacation, and who's having a party.  We just let June answer the door anymore because 99% of the time it's someone looking for her. 

8.  She is fearless!  She rides every roller coaster, runs for every office, and tries absolutely everything at least once.  I LOVE that about her!

9.  She loves to watch the Food Network with me!  Our favorites are The Next Food Network Star and Cupcake Wars.

10.  Her eyes.  June has stunningly beautiful eyes.  

11.  June was the best best best helper when I was pregnant with Mack and SICK as a dog!  I couldn't eat ANYTHING.  I could barely get out of bed.  In the mornings, after my husband and the girls would leave, June would toddle into my room and sit with me for three hours until I had to drag my nauseous self out of bed to pick up Spell Girl from Preschool.  She would sit in her little pink chair and patiently watch her PBS shows, brush my hair, get me water and crackers, and ask, "How are you feeling Mommy?" every five minutes.  She saved me during those few unbearable months. 

I'm amazed that we've had her for eleven years, and I'm so grateful to be her mom!



  1. WONDERFUL post! Wonderful kid, wonderful mom! Are you SURE you don;t know where she gets the Loves to hang out at her desk..." thing? :)

  2. Happy Birthday June bug! ( sorry it is a few days late.) Wishing you a wonderful year.

    Love, hugs and kisses from GA

  3. It's ok...the post was a little late, too. :) Love you guys!