Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finished Rooms

It just occurred to me this morning that we leave NEXT Saturday and I still have TONS to do before this house is finished (and Jubilee and Girls Camp will take up 5 of those days!...yikes!!! )  I know it will all still be here when we get back, but wouldn't it be nice to have everything in the right places before we go?  It's always nicer to come home to "finished" things instead of "waiting" things.

So while the internet/cable guy, spent several hours here this morning reconnecting us to the rest of the world, I frantically tried to unpack and organize a few things.  

And then after he left, I took pictures of all of it!  :)


There were a couple of cabinets that I had just stuffed things into, and the counters have been covered with miscellaneous stuff since last Monday.  Now everything has a home and I can SEE the counters!  And this kitchen is big enough to fit two barstools at the island so that little helpers/tasters can sit up there while I cook.

Piano Room:
I just hung that picture and put a few things on the bookshelves.  It's possible they won't look like that the next time you see them.      

Living Room:  
It's hard to get a good feel for this room from this picture because I took it right into the sun coming through those windows, but it's not quite as cavernous as it appears.  Next time, I'll show you the fireplace/TV on the other side of the room, but right now they're still way too messy.

Master Bath:

Master Closet:

I finished the closet last week, but that was BTC ("before the camera"), so I thought I'd post pictures of that, too. 

The kids are happy to be back on the internet, and I'm much more relaxed knowing that we can all enjoy the upcoming events now that a few more house things are done.  



  1. Love it!! My house need s major makeover...not going to happen anytime soon but I think I need you to come help me when I do it :)

  2. OK! That's a good excuse for a trip to Atlanta. I'll be there anytime...after July.