Friday, June 17, 2011

Unattainable Goals

Isn't this the sexiest thing you've ever seen!!??? 

Well, guess what!  In a few minutes it gets to come home with me!!  I've been walking into Best Buy for the past 2 months just so I can pick up this beautiful thing and hold it.  I'm starting to creep out the employees in the camera department, I think.  But guess what!  Sometimes when you want a thing a A REALLY SUPER LOT, you actually get it.  (I totally believe that, by the way.)   Our old camera has been dying a slow death for awhile, but yesterday, The Scoutmaster texted me and said that he jumped into the lake to help rescue a stray boat, and he accidentally forgot that the camera was in his pocket.  It is now officially, totally and completely dead.  Which means...I can get my camera!...because what has been a WANT just turned unto a NEED.  Girls Camp, Jubilee, summer vacations, 75th birthdays, can that stuff happen without an adequate camera?  It can't...

I'm so happy that from today on, the pictures on this blog will be better than the ones my Droid has been taking.  (Sorry, BFF, I LOVE everything else about you, but I need better quality pictures.

And I'm so happy that sometimes the things we think are unattainable goals ARE actually attainable.  You just have to be patient.

Be Good.  Be Patient.  Don't Forget.


It even looks sexy when I'm holding it!!


  1. I have camera envy now! have fun with your new toy...ummm I mean camera

  2. Don't envy me too much. I still don't even know what I'm doing. It took me an hour just to figure out that I had to use the RELEASE button to change lenses!!