Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I've written a lot in past posts about my childhood and the fact that I was adopted.  (If you haven't yet read those posts and you're curious, you can go here and here.)  I'm sure most people think it's great when their moms come to visit them, but it's kind of a BIG deal when my mom comes.  This is only the second time she's been to our house and spent time with my kids.  They absolutely adore her!  She has forged such solid bonds with all of them in such a short time.  I am amazed at how completely effortless that has been.  

A couple of times this weekend, I passed the guest room and saw Mack flopped on Nana's bed asking her a million questions about Hawaii and my cousins and whatever else floats around in the mind of a 9-yr-old.  

Flowering Buttercup and I had to sneak to the restroom once (or twice) during our marathon shopping trip on Saturday, and she said, "Mommy!  She's JUST like us!  She looks like us, and she says the same stuff that we say, and she sits like we sit in the car." (we always sit with our feet tucked up underneath us when we're in the matter how short the trip.)  

I don't know why I continue to be surprised by the similarities, especially in the three of us.  There are a lot of them and they're pretty glaring.  It's fun to be like someone else.  It's even more fun when you're like them because you came that way and not just because you live with them.  Apparently genes run strong in this family.  

We dragged my mom all over Allen and she never complained and never got tired.  I think I had to sit down more often than she did.  She is so kind and generous and so nice to everyone around her.  I can see that I'm just like her on the outside, but someday I hope to be just like her on the inside, too.  She is absolutely amazing and I'm so happy to have her and to be part of her.  I'm hoping there aren't so many months between now and her next visit, though.  This one was way too short!

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