Friday, September 14, 2012

High Five for HOMECOMING!

This is a variation of the usual H54F post because it's HOMECOMING WEEK!  Even though Flowering Buttercup isn't officially going to the Homecoming Dance (she doesn't turn 16 for a couple more weeks,) we're still dripping with Homecoming Fever around here!   Here are the great things about Homecoming Week in Allen.

1.  Decorations on Main Street
Every tree, sign, and vertical thing within a 3 mile radius of the high school is tied with a red, blue or silver bow.
The decorations appear on Sunday night and linger through the week

2.  Mums
This is a crazy tradition, exclusive to Texas high schools, I think.  I had a mum when I went to Homecoming in 1986, but it wasn't as big as some of the ones I saw this week.  (Still trying to find a picture of that thing...)
This is Flowering Buttercup's cute friend, Bethany, wearing a reasonable sized mum. 
And here are some senior girls wearing...uh...more extravagant mums.

3.  The Pep Rally
The band marches from the band hall, all the way through the school and into the gym for the Pep Rally.  Love that percussion section!!  (Did you notice all the mums in the band?  My favorite was the one hanging off the end of the bass drum!)

4.  The Football Game
Those are two football players in the red shirts who double as band members during halftime....I have no idea where they fit in all that practicing! 
Look! The drum major is the Homecoming King!!
Oh yeah, and the football team...they were awesome, too.  We won 51-7

5.  Season Tickets!  It's SO nice to have seats that are waiting for us when we get there.  We were late getting to the game tonight, and if we had been sitting in any other section, we would never had found a seat.  And...our seats are just under the overhang from the upper level, so even though it rained through the whole game, we didn't get soaked.  Hooray for Season Tickets!

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