Monday, September 3, 2012


I've always been one of those people who's more content to just graze throughout the day than to eat three big meals.  That's about the only part of my life that wants to be balanced and steadily paced.

I'm also one of those people who's kind of passionate about stuff in an unbalanced, unhealthy, unsustainable kind of way.  I love stuff...lots of it (hence the blog...)   And when I love it, I want to do it all the time.  I never want the date to end or the family to go home.  I hate getting to the end of a great book or movie.  I can linger over lunch with a good friend for HOURS.   Because I've never had a very good track record for being balanced, and the results of that (crashing and burning...and taking everyone out with me) aren't exactly working out, the people in my fleet have been suggesting that I try something different.  

Balance...exercise for a little while everyday, read a few pages everyday, write for a specific length of time everyday, get enough sleep...

Even though I love and trust my fleet, I've been totally resisting this one!  I didn't get why I couldn't just have a Book of Mormon Read-a-Thon every other day.  Or why I can't index 5,000 names in a week.  (I'm kind of like a 3-yr-old sometimes, I think, wanting Christmas everyday.)    

This week, I had to explain to Mack why he couldn't eat ALL of the vitamins in one day.  "They only work the way they're supposed to when you take them one at a time....once a day.  If you try to eat all of them at once, they don't help your body anymore.  They hurt it.  Too much of even something good, can be bad for you."  (Brilliant, huh?)

Then in church yesterday, a goofy, awkward 13-year-old stood up and bore his testimony about pacing ourselves and not trying to run faster than we can, or do everything in one single day. He even told the Bishop right there on the stand that he didn't think a 48 hour event was the best way to read the Book of Mormon.  (amazing, huh?  the one person in the ward that I was probably least likely to listen to and he happened to say the thing I most needed to hear.)

And then I found this among my emails...

Think someone's trying to tell me something?  

(I can hear it, but I can tell you I haven't quite committed to it yet because it's now 1:18am and I've been writing for 3 hours...because the Stuff I Love was starting to overflow the boxes in my head... and because the music is too good to turn off and walk away from...)


  1. Mmmm...very good thoughts. I'm very big on balance and am constantly trying to get in line with it. I guess it should be difficult b/c we have so many, many things we are trying to do as mothers. Once we get it right we'll be pretty close to perfect :) I love the quote you included by Gretchen Rubin. I also love the picture of the cow and your kids are very cute. I have 3 girls and one boy too and he feels quite tortured.

    1. Good thing life is long, huh? Lots of time to perfect ALL the imperfections. :)
      Thanks for your very sweet comments.