Saturday, September 8, 2012

Multi-Stake Dances

My friend Amy and I chauffeured about 10 kids to Carrollton for a Multi Stake dance tonight and then stayed to chaperone.  We were sort of secretly planning to sneak out and go to Target or get some yogurt in the middle (because those dances are always so over-populated with adults) but the dance was SO much fun to watch that we couldn't bring ourselves to leave.  The music was unusually awesome and everyone danced!  I don't think anyone wanted to leave any more than we did.  You could feel the collective sigh in the gym when the DJ announced the last song.  :(

Flowering Buttercup and her friends met some cute boys from the Dallas Stake last year when they were all involved in Jubilee, and they made the long drive north to go to this dance with the girls.  All four were really nice boys and they all looked like they were having a great time.  

I love the opportunities Flowering Buttercup has to meet so many great kids from all over the Dallas area who have similar standards and values.  And I'm so excited for the next several years of Stake dances that we have to look forward to with our three upcoming little dancers. 

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