Sunday, September 23, 2012

Name the Fish

I was going to include this with the birthday festivities post, but it's just too sweet to be clumped in with all that other pink party stuff.

The kids had been talking about getting something AMAZING for Flowering Buttercup's birthday.  For a week, they hounded us about taking them to the pet store to get her gift.  We are not big pet people here.  I'm not a lover of taking care of big animals, and we haven't had much luck with the small ones, so we did everything we could to discourage the pet idea.  But, persistence is apparently a personality trait in our family.  So, while FB and I were out getting pedicures yesterday morning, the Scout Master gave in and took three very excited kids to PetSmart.  

Right before they came home, Spell Girl texted me saying, "FB needs to be upstairs now.  We're on our way home."  Shortly after, I heard doors opening, children scurrying, and water running...


There was A LOT of activity in June's room for a long time before we saw anyone come out.  

An hour later, they brought out...A FISH!

Here's why this was so darn cute!  The fish was $4.99.  But the tank and the food were another $10.  So the three of them pooled their allowances and bought him together.  (The fish is a boy.)  $5 is difficult to come by in our house.  The kids have weekly jobs that they do, and if they do them WELL and in a timely manner, we pay them $5 every Saturday.  They've been doing this for so long, though, that sometimes $5 isn't as appealing as playing.  But this morning, they all jumped right up and enthusiastically cleaned the whole house (which was a huge help in the party preparations, too!)  Did you read that part?  They happily and enthusiastically cleaned the house because they were excited to buy something for their sister!  I don't know if that's typical in other people's houses, but it's not in mine.  Today my heart overflowed with gratitude for three unselfish, loving children who wanted to make their sister's birthday the best one she's ever had.  And also for a 16 year old who was so touched by their sweet thought that she put her fish on display all night and told every single person who walked in the door where he came from.  

But he needed a name...

What better audience to poll for your first pet's name than a party full of your very best friends?

There were a lot of suggestions but three of them stood out.  So she stuck all three to the side of the tank and let the fish swim to the one he liked the best.  
...and the winner is...

Meet our newest family member...Taquito!  :)

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