Friday, September 28, 2012

High Five for Friday

It's been a mostly Flowering Buttercup week around here, but a few other great things have crept into the birthday festivities.

1.  Jamba Juice on Saturday morning!  Tropical Mango for me and Watermelon Splash for FB!
2.  Feeding Taquito
Since he only gets to eat every other day, feeding time draws quite a crowd.  On Tuesday, Flowering Buttercup waited until Mack's friends came to pick him up for school before she fed him.  He scarfed down two little fish pellets lightning fast.  But the boys were so quiet that I think we could hear him chewing.

3.  Birthday Flowers
These are all from BOYS! for Flowering Buttercup's birthday.

4.  Won't Back Down
So excited to see this movie.  So excited to have popcorn and Diet DP for lunch.  
And even more excited to hang out with Amy!!

5.  Do you see what that says??  That's not 10,'s 100,000!!  Do you remember when I hit 10.000?  Probably not because that would be weird if anyone remembered that but me.  Well, it was last June!  In a little over a year, I've had 10X the number of pageviews that I had in the first 6 months.
I only know the handful of you who comment regularly, but I totally love and appreciate everyone who visits.
Thank you so much!  <3

Hope you're having a great Friday and that your weekend is amazing!


  1. that movie looks so good! it's definitely on my to-do list!

    happy friday!

    xo, sarah grace

  2. I want to see Won't Back Down, too!Have a happy weekend!

  3. Love your H54F! I have not seen this movie, but oh so want to soon! Have a great weekend!

  4. that movie looks great! I wanna see it for sure!

    Have a wonderful week!