Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Purse

Are any of you getting confused by the different blog background every day?  Today I think I changed it three times, but they all happened in the same hour, so unless you were watching closely you probably missed it.  I LOVED that other one...the cute little whimsical bird and the bright colors.  But I hated the three columns because it made the pictures too small.  After a week of squinting to see my favorite part of my blog, I decided I needed to just go back to my old two column layout.   And I kinda like these fall colors.  I'm anticipating being satisfied with this one until Christmas when the seasons change again and I feel compelled to have snowy things in my background.  (That's really the only good place for snow.)

It's late here and the Scout Master's flight has been delayed because of bad weather in HOU.  I've been running around like a complete crazy woman since 5am and I should really be in bed, but he's not home I'm not asleep yet.  This is what I decided to do instead...CHANGE purses!  (Apparently there's a theme to this day.)

I've been carrying around this very large, very delicious, purple Vera Wang bag for almost 18 months.  I got it in February 2011 on MAJOR sale at Kohl's for $8.99.  (that was 70% off of the marked down price which was 60% off the original!)  I LOVE it because it has a million compartments and because it's big enough to carry everything I could ever want or need in a day.  (Some days, that's a lot of stuff!)  It's the perfect softness.  It's the perfect weight.  And it's the perfect neutral color that magically coordinates with everything I wear.  (I bet you had no idea purple was a neutral??)  
I love that it's shapelessness molds to whatever place I happen to set it...which is pretty much wherever it lands, or wherever is within two steps of where I am when I realize I still have it on my shoulder and decide I don't want it there anymore.

Here's what was I found when I dumped it out on my bed...

Let me break that down into more manageable pieces for you...
a billion receipts, the grocery list I used last Friday, and a $10 Kohl's coupon I didn't even know I had!! 
a million lip glosses because I have to be prepared for all occasions and all colors
miscellaneous toiletries and hair thingies (yes, that IS a full size lotion because the thing is, if you're going to carry a purse the size of Alaska, you might as well use the space you have, right?) 
office supplies
and this is totally a fluke because it's never actually IN my's usually in my hand!

And after getting rid of a few things and reorganizing a few others, here's my new purse for the fall.  Do you love it?  It has tons of little pockets and my favorite part...the inside is lined with cheetah print!!  <3

And now that the Scout Master is finally home, I can go to bed!

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  1. Fun blog entry, what is in our purse tells a lot about us. Love the new purse, I am about to change for fall too - great minds . . .