Saturday, September 15, 2012


You know I'm a music junkie, right?  Well, I downloaded this app on my phone a few months ago because the Scout Master suggested I might need it.  Because even though I know what songs I love, sometimes I forget the who sings them.  So now when I'm in my car and I can't remember that Heart sings Barracuda, I just get my phone, find my SoundHound, and click on this...(and I can do all that without even looking at my phone, by the way, which is handy because it's usually in the car that I feel the need to know the details of a song.)

and then it listens to the song...

And a few seconds later, I have all the details I need, including the artist, album, sometimes the year it was released, and the LYRICS!   (At that point I do have to look down at the phone, but don't worry, I usually wait until I'm at a light to do that.)  

Just that one little trick up there would be enough to justify having this app on my phone, but last night I found one more reason to love it.  There are about 200 songs that I know well enough to never have to SoundHound.  The ones that are available, I've added to that playlist up there, but I know I've left out some really great ones.  Yesterday I thought it would be so great if I could remember some of the songs I've SoundHounded so that I could add them to this playlist or to my iPod.  And guess what!  I CAN!!  SoundHound keeps a history of everything I've ever asked it to listen to.  Cool, huh?

I LOVE my phone, and my SoundHound app, but mostly I love great music.

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