Thursday, September 20, 2012

Busy Days

Do you ever wonder what I do all day long?  I'm sure you've lost at least a little bit of sleep wondering what my days look like.  I thought this would be a good day to give you the details...

5:00am - Flowering Buttercup is the first one up in the morning getting ready for Seminary

5:15am - My alarm goes off and I sneak up the stairs to make sure she's getting ready for Seminary.  99% of the time she is.  I just set my alarm for the 1%.

5:45am - The Scout Master drives FB to Seminary.

6:00am - Another alarm goes off reminding me to get out of bed and get moving, just in case I'm not already wide awake from my first alarm, the Scout Master's alarm, and the opening and closing of doors when they left 15 minutes ago.

6:08am - After one snooze, I get up to start breakfast and make lunches.

blueberry muffins with lemon glaze

6:45am - Another alarm.  This one is to remind me to wake up the younger kids.  Mack takes a quick shower and gets dressed.  The girls sleep until they hear the front door open, then drag themselves down the stairs.

7:00am - The Scout Master, FB and her friend, Bethany, all come back from Seminary.

7:10am - Breakfast, scriptures, family prayer

7:30am - Mack's friends come to the door to collect him and walk to school.  He's always the last one ready. 

7:30 - 7:45am - Help someone get their hair dried, curled, or straightened, depending on the day.  Clean up the breakfast aftermath.  Make sure the girls get their lunches.  Throw in a quick load of laundry.  Change into exercise clothes.

7:55am - Drive Flowering Buttercup and Bethany to the high school.

8:10am - Spell Girl and June get a ride to the middle school from my wonderful neighbor.

8:20am - Walk for exactly 30 minutes.

9:00am - Stop at the east side Sonic because they have better ice.  (two large cups...just ice)

9:15 - 10:00am - Breakfast (I can't bring myself to eat at 7:00 with everyone else and I'd rather have a smoothie or oatmeal than whatever I've made for them, so I eat after I walk.)

10:00 - 2:00pm - Totally depends on the day.  Today I read my scriptures, wrote in my journal, answered emails, and reluctantly agreed volunteered to be the Party Parent for Mack's 4th grade class.  Then I ran to a Dr appt at 1:00.  

2:30pm - Pick up Flowering Buttercup from the high school.

3:00pm - Make it home in time to receive Mack as he walks in the front door.

3:00 - 3:30pm - Find a healthy snack for everyone so they don't inhale everything in the pantry before dinner.  Start Mack on his homework.

3:30pm - Pick up the younger girls from the middle school.

4 - 5:30pm - Supervise homework, start dinner, and maybe sneak in a 10 minute power nap if I'm lucky because by this time, I've already done a 12 hour shift and I'm usually pretty draggy.

5:30pm - Dinner (fish tacos tonight with homemade salsa!  SO yummy!!)

5:45pm - Tonight was unusually busy.  The Scout Master drove Flowering Buttercup to a babysitting job and Spell Girl and Gladys to bass lessons.

6:00pm -  I drove Mack to baseball practice, but I missed the follow-up correction email somehow and we ended up at the wrong practice field.

6:19pm - We found the right field.

6:30pm - Super fast trip to Super Wal-Mart for a better organization system for Mack's homework.  Things seem to be mysteriously falling out of his current binder.

7:00pm - Pick up Spell Girl and Gladys from bass lessons.

7:30pm - Pick up Mack from baseball practice.

7:45pm - Pick up Flowering Buttercup's prescription because I forgot to get it when I was out earlier.

8:00pm - Drop off Spell Girl, Gladys and Mack at home so they can finish their homework, and leave to pick up FB from her babysitting job.

8:20pm - Flowering Buttercup gets in the car.  They were late getting home.

8:40pm - Home...finally.  Change into sweats and fall into a small heap on the couch.

9:00pm - Family prayer.  Kids in bed.

10:??pm - I have no idea why I'm still up...probably just to make sure you're not still up wondering what I do all day long.  

Going to bed...


  1. I think it is a great idea to chronicle just what we do all day. Crazy but wonderful life. :)

  2. Reminds me of telling my cousin one day about our crazy life and she said, "I remember those days." Both her kids were grown and gone and I vowed then and there to enjoy the craziness. With my kids both out of the house now it's my turn to say to you, "I remember those days."