Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pop Show

Oh, I am so proud of this girl!  the one on the left...although they're all pretty stinkin cute! :)

She has worked so hard this year to carve out her little space in middle school.  She has thrown herself into choir in every possible way.  She's auditioned for everything, run for choir leadership positions, and made friends with all the directors, including the ones at the high school.  

Last Thursday night, they had their spring Pop Show.  This is more of a fun, casual show than the more formal winter concert.   There were lots of solos and choreographed numbers, and everyone sang Broadway show tunes.  Loved it!

I am seriously shocked at the amazing talent these kids have...including mine.  

She sang Notice Me Horton (from Seussical) in the early part of the show, and then had a small solo when the whole treble choir sang She's in Love (from The Little Mermaid) at the end of the show, too.  

And she was so happy after the show, when she found the cute little family she babysits for. They had come just for her and even brought flowers.  LOVE that family!

7th grade has been a great year for Emma.  We can't wait to see what 8th grade brings!  <3

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  1. Good times for your sweet girl! I know you are gushing with pride!