Thursday, May 2, 2013

McKay's Nest

This chair was one of the few things we rescued from my dad's house after he passed away in 2010.  It lives upstairs in the play room where the wii, the television, and my desk also live.    Because we're too picky about finding the perfect sectional, this is the only chair that currently lives upstairs.  And for some reason, McKay has claimed it as his new bed.  He's been sleeping here for weeks, and I have no idea why.  He won't admit to being scared.  He doesn't turn on the TV or play any games at night.  His room is right across the hall from this playroom and two sisters rooms, so it's not like he's any closer to them.  I have no idea why he would rather sleep in a recliner than in his own bed, but he does...

He's not the first of our kids to have odd sleeping habits.  When Megan was little, she preferred sleeping UNDER her bed instead of in it.  We got used to finding her in unusual places at the closet, in the toy box, curled up on her bean bag.  I think there was something about the security of being tucked snuggly into a tiny little space that was appealing to her.  
My kids are goofy, aren't they?  

Well, at least they don't have to hear me tell them 500 times to make their beds in the mornings like some of the others do.  :)

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