Monday, May 6, 2013

Green Smoothie...and a secret ingredient!

Green smoothies are pretty much my standard breakfast around here.  I haven't quite become dedicated enough to say for sure that the rest of my day will look as healthy as breakfast, but if I can at least START the day right, it makes a big difference.  

Here's what typically goes into my concoctions:

1C  So Delicious Coconut Milk or Silk PureAlmond Milk 
2T  ground flaxseed meal
1 banana
1C raw spinach (that's where the beautiful green comes from)
1/2 C some kind of frozen fruit, blueberries or strawberries are the best
1/2 scoop brown rice protein powder
small handful of whole almonds (maybe 7 or 8)

The almonds were the first secret ingredient I discovered that I really liked.  They add a tiny bit of nutty flavor, but not a peanut buttery flavor.  I am NOT a peanut butter fan.  And I like the surprise crunch of the little almond pieces that don't get totally blended.  

And my newest favorite ingredient to throw into a smoothie...
Just 1/2 teaspoon is totally enough to add a little sweet, without adding something sugary.  Combined with the almonds, it's like drinking an oatmeal cookie!  YUM!  

You should try a green smoothie today! 

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