Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An unexpected LAUNCH Update

So, there is seriously something wrong with me.  I am alarmed more and more at how the smallest things throw me off my game.  

I have a friend who I only see occasionally.  We go to church together.  We have exercised together before.  Our kids are friends.  But our schedules rarely intersect, so we can go for months and months without connecting.  Last week, I had one of those "out of the blue" thoughts to text her and see if we could try to get together this week.  (I have learned that if I act quickly when those little thoughts come, good things happen.)  

Michelle is a decorator.  My decorating skills are limited.  My in-laws are coming into town next week.  So, I sent her a text...

Isn't she sweet?  She was "honored" that I asked her to come decorate my house.  I have really good friends.

Anyway, here's the crazy thing about that whole interaction...

Michelle and I tentatively planned to get together on Tuesday of this week because I thought that would give all the wisdom tooth extraction patients in my house enough time to fully recover from their ridiculous neediness pain and suffering.  That was a good plan.  Savannah was home all day Monday needing things in quite a lot of pain.  

Unexpected things came up Tuesday and we had to postpone our decorating fun.  For some reason, I felt secretly relieved.  I have no idea why.

We rescheduled for today.  

Michelle had an appointment at 10, so she planned to come over at 11:30.  And guess what I did all morning?  I procrastinated getting dressed.  I wandered around without any direction.  I thought up a million and three excuses to call Michelle and cancel our decorating date.  I have no idea why.

Finally, at 10:30, I started moving toward receiving a visitor in my house.  I tidied a few things.  I vacuumed up dust bunnies.  I brushed my teeth.  

I have no idea why I get so stressed out about new experiences, but I decided it was just dumb to be tense about this one.  Besides, you can't uplift and magnify anything when you spend the whole day wandering around your house all by yourself, right?  So, I decided to just embrace the fact that she was coming over and look forward to what the day would bring.

Michelle showed up promptly at 11:30 with a beautiful styrofoam cup of Sonic ice for me!  I invited her in and we just started talking about decorating things...just like that...super easy.  I showed her some of the things I've pinned on Pinterest.  Don't you just love that website??  I totally do.  Finally, a place OUTSIDE my head to keep all those fleeting thoughts and ideas.  

I showed her some of the things I love that currently live in my house.

If I could decorate my whole house around this vase, I would be so happy!  

We moved a little furniture around, and talked a little more, and then we decided to just get to it already and GO SHOPPING!  We bought a gallon of paint in the same shade as the accent wall in my family room.  I really, really wanted to warm up the WHITE WALLS in my house.  I don't love white walls.  We stopped at Hobby Lobby and Lowe's and picked up a bunch of paint samples and fabric swatches so we could check them out in the room.  
 I'm definitely leaning toward this wall color.

and this fabric for curtains.
(I will be so happy when those dining room walls aren't sage green anymore.)

Wednesdays are busy at our house.  Cub Scout den meetings and Youth Activity night at church.  While Michelle did ALL the paint preparation, I made a little dinner for a few extra kids who stopped by.

There were 9 kids and 3 adults.  I made sure to have them pose for a quick, goofy picture before I let them eat, though. Don't let them fool you.  They didn't paint a darn thing!

After all the kids left for their activity, Michelle and I transformed into turbo painters!  We were only going to try the color on that one wall (the one below the stairs,) but it looked so beautiful that we kept going all the way down the hall and on the two pillars right before you get to the dining room.  (We'll have to hire someone to finish up the stairs and the high celings.)

This is how it looks now.  

Isn't it beautiful and warm and inviting?  Like hot cocoa.  I love it so much.  

Paint makes me happy.  Michelle makes me happy.  Not being dumb makes me happy.  Inviting people to my house and then opening the door and letting them in makes me happy.  

I'm so happy Michelle helped me LAUNCH this little project both in my home and in my social life.  

I'll keep you updated on the progress..

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  1. I do that too so proud of you that you pushed it aside and went for what you really wanted, it looks great!