Friday, May 10, 2013

Puppy Love

Look at this face!!  

I'm sure I've said before on this blog that I am NOT a dog person.  Typically I just endure other people's dogs and then wash my hands as quickly as possible after I leave.  I'm allergic to everything with fur.  I don't love to be sniffed and jumped on and barked at.  I don't love furballs in the corners of my house.  


I've spent a couple of days with Michelle this week while we've painted almost every wall on the lower floor of my house and recovered every chair.  Yesterday, on the way home from a trip to get a second gallon of hot cocoa-colored paint, she called and invited me over to her apartment to look at the colors and decorating things she had done there.  I've never been there before.  

Of course, I initially hoped to be able to get out of it, but I didn't have as much time to fret over doing something I've never done before, or come up with ways to get out of it, so I just did it.  I met her with a large Diet Coke from Sonic and walked up the stairs to her adorable loft apartment.  She warned me that the dogs would bark for a minute, but not to worry.  Little did she know, I had been worrying all the way up the stairs.  (...ugh...)

She unlocked the door, and the barking started, but then stopped before I even stepped inside.  And there waiting in the foyer were two of the cutest tan mops I've ever seen.  They were so fluffy!  And so friendly...but not obnoxious.  And SO FLUFFY!

Michelle and I spent about 5 minutes walking through her apartment and 20 minutes talking out on her cute balcony with two adorable moppy dogs at our feet.   

I left her apartment, drove to my house, set the painting stuff aside for a minute, and Googled Cockapoos.  And then pinned them on Pinterest.  (Because that VISION BOARD thing totally works, you know!...even the virtual kind.)

LOOK. AT. THIS. FACE.  I am in love with this dog.  I showed this picture to the Scout Master last night, and he must have had a little puppy love happening in his heart for a second, too, because he didn't say, "No."  He smiled, and said "Do you need one of those in your life?"  


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