Tuesday, May 7, 2013

After School

My days are mostly quiet around here.  I usually spend all 6 of my child-free hours puttering around somewhere in this house.  Sometimes I blast music.  Sometimes I turn on the TV.  But mostly it's just quiet, which is lovely and peaceful...and quiet.  By 3:00, though, I'm usually ready to hear the sound of someone else puttering around in this house with me.  

Promptly at 3:00, my front door flings open, and boys, backpacks, shoes and basketballs come bounding into my quiet home.  McKay always has at least one friend with him, and they multiply as the afternoon turns into evening.  
They almost always play somewhere in one of these front yards, or in one of the driveways across the street.  Last night, McKay and two of his friends played basketball for 4 hours. I had to drag him in the house at 8:30 just to eat dinner!   

Today, volleyball must have sounded good because they were all gathered in our backyard divided into teams.  
 the red team...who accidentally wore matching shirts to school today.  

and the girls' team...yep, they are twins.
I would think shoes would be handy when playing volleyball, but I guess not...

This is such a great group of kids.  I'm so grateful to live in this neighborhood with all these kids and their awesome parents.  McKay has no idea how lucky he is to live on such a perfect street.

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  1. So cute! Our street is beginning to be the same way and I love it!