Saturday, May 11, 2013

shades and 'staches

Now that we have TWO eligible dance attendees in our house, there are even more opportunities for pre dance parties.  Megan started out inviting two friends from school to come to the dance, and by the end of the day, the two of us had turned it into a giant party with pizza and games and photo ops!  Because it's way more fun to go to a dance with a giant group, right?  

My friend, Amy contributed drinks, paper plates and photo props to our little get together and the kids had tons of fun posing for pictures!  And they went right along with the dance theme "shades and 'staches."  Super cute!

Of course, when Savannah heard that there was a pre-dance party, she totally needed to invite a couple of friends, too.  I think they had more fun than the younger kids with the photo props.

I LOVE these kids so much, and I'm so happy that we have the opportunity to hang out with them so often.  They are such a great group, and amazing influences for good on my girls.  Hooray for church dances...and silly mustaches!

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