Friday, May 24, 2013

High Five for Friday

1.  Famous Texans Day  In fourth grade, McKay is studying Texas history.  Each of the kids had to select a famous Texan native, learn about his life, and do a brief presentation for the class.  I brought Megan and Emma along with me to see McKay as Nolan Ryan.

2.  Flowers.  Last week, my friend's daughter realized at the LAST minute that she was LATE for a field trip at the high school.  I was available, so we jumped into the Jeep and drove like the wind to meet the bus.  We had to hunt it down, but we found it, and she made it to her field trip.  Later that afternoon, my friend came by with these gorgeous flowers to thank me.  SO unnecessary, but SO appreciated.  I LOVE fresh flowers.

3.   Finished Painting.  It's a really bad iPhone picture, but it's an update on the major redecorating project that I took on right before my in laws arrived.  I LOVE the way the dark walls warm up the whole room.  There's so much more to do, but this room, and this warm little corner with my dad's beloved angel painting, make me infinitely happy.

4.  Drop Sites at the elementary schools for Oklahoma tornado relief.  The things we're able to give individually are small, but combined, it's enough to fill many, many trucks.  

5.  A Full Dining Room Table.   I LOVE having people in our home.  I LOVE that we have abundance to share.  And I LOVE looking around at a dining room table filled with family we adore.
Try to ignore the swatches of fabric and paint all over the walls, and the fact that Savannah is no longer capable of taking a serious picture.  (ugh...)

Hope it's been a great week for you, and that you have something fun planned for the upcoming long weekend!  <3

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