Friday, May 10, 2013

Spontaneous Music

Our amazing friends, the Rodriguez's, invited us over for dinner tonight.   There are so many of us, when we all get together, that it's kind of a major undertaking to pull off food for such a big crowd.  They made brisket and a million other delicious things.  It's always amazing to eat at their house.  Always!

And somehow it always turns into karaoke night over there.  Couches are moved, microphones are connected, the Apple TV is turned on, and POOF!...we're all transformed instantly into lounge singers.  

Andrew is home from University of HOU for the summer, so he jumped into the singing.  Savannah came late with McKay after baseball practice, and they didn't hesitate to jump in.  I sang a couple of Carpenters songs (with Megan as backup and moral support.)  Craig sang a Zac Brown song.  And the rest of the Rodriguez's filled in the empty spaces.  I LOVE hearing them sing all those cool Spanish songs.  I have a secret plan to sing something in Spanish the next time we get together!  :) 

And sometime, after four hours of passing around that mic, picking every song we could think of on the Karaoke Cloud, and singing our heads off, the instruments appeared!  Johnny pulled out the ukulele so he and Alyssa could sing the song they had taught our girls.  And then all of a sudden, Thunell girls were replaced with Rodriguez boys.  More instruments appeared.  I'm telling you, guitars appear out of no where in that house!  And they started just improvising stuff.  

They sing.  They beatbox.  They harmonize.  They are amazingly talented.

We had SO much fun just listening to them mess around together.   Totally entertaining!!

What an amazing night.  I honestly have no idea how it is that we managed to be connected to this family as closely as we are, but I LOVE IT!  And I LOVE them!  What an honor and a privilege to be associated with them.  Whenever we're together, they feel more like family than friends.  

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