Friday, May 17, 2013

High Five for Friday

1.  A Great New Book.  I LOVE reading.  I LOVE finding great new books.  I LOVE Maya Angelou. This one is awesome.  

2.  Lego Creations.  McKay helped Megan build this steam ship for a history project at school.  

3.   Redecorated Refrigerators.  This is an idea I stole from Pinterest, but it was such a good one!  And since I was redecorating the whole house anyway, why not include the refrigerator, too?  Those are IKEA placemats that I cut down (just a little) and used as fridge shelf liners.  Isn't it so happy and cheerful in there??  :)

4.  Concert #2 with the Grs.  Megan had her Spring Orchestra concert last night and it was amazing!  They played It's Time by Imagine Dragons.  And a whole bunch of other stuff that was equally impressive.  

5.  FOUR. STRAIGHT. DAYS. AT. THE. GYM.  This could be my new favorite way to relieve stress in my life...even AFTER my in-laws are gone.  

1 comment:

  1. Maya Angelou - thanks for the reminder; I want to read that one! And I'd love to see that presidential library, especially as Bush is largely reviled in public opinion polls. And good for you for getting to the gym!!