Thursday, May 23, 2013


I almost accidentally titled this post "Six Flags" until I remembered that I don't actually LOVE that place.  But I wanted to document the fact that I did something scary and adventurous last Friday.  

A few weeks ago, the choir director at the middle school sent out an email begging parents to sign up to be chaperones for the annual band/orchestra/choir Six Flags trip.  He said he desperately needed parent volunteers or the choir would NOT be able to participate in the trip.  He offered FREE ADMISSION to any parents willing to ride the choir busses and spend the entire day at the park.  (I have come to know this man well enough NOW to know that things are a little more urgent in his mind than they actually are in reality.)  Emma took up the cause that week and pled with Craig to PLEASE chaperone this event so that she would be able to go on her first official choir trip.  Craig said yes.  And then he somehow coerced me into going with him.  (...ugh...)

I've been around a few blocks to know that there are some things in my life that I dread at first, but then end up loving after they actually happen.  

The Six Flags trip was not one of those things.   

Here are my reflections on the day, after surviving the bus ride home, taking a HOT shower to dissinfect all the park germs, and loading up on a mega dose of Claritin/Zyrtec...

And here is the evidence that I did ride some rides, and I did attempt to be adventurous.
SUPERMAN...I'm not sure what possessed me to get on this ride...probably the fact that there was no line.  It was insanely scary for about 4 seconds when that little vulnerable seat shot up into the air about 10,000 feet.  And then another 5 seconds of sheer terror when we just hung out at the top and looked out over all of Dallas.  But the rest of it wasn't too bad, and the guy sitting next to me was very patient with all my screaming.  :)

CRAZY LEGS...this one might not look insanely terrifying, but it's deceiving when it's at this part of the ride.  This thing gets pretty dang high and comes ridiculously close to those low hanging trees over there on the right!
An ocean of hot, sweaty, exhausted 7th graders while we waited for the busses to take us home.  And that man in the middle is the choir director.  He is a saint to be responsible for all these kids.  A little intense and high strung, but a saint nonetheless.  :)

I'm happy to be able to report that I WENT on the trip, that I fulfilled my chaperoning responsibility, and that I rode some scary rides.  But I'm also hopeful that I will never have to go on this trip again, or ride a school bus again, or report on any more roller coasters.  :)

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