Sunday, December 2, 2012

Notes from Church

Sometimes I think I'm the only one who has these kinds of Sundays...

This morning, two of us woke up with colds. There were instruments and music and clothing scattered from the front door to the living room and all the way up the stairs, that were left over from the concert we did at the Nativity yesterday.  Six deacons trickled to our front door from 10:00am - 11:00am looking for either the Scout Master or the Fast Offering envelopes.  The Christmas tree was up but not yet decorated, and all the things that needed to be on the tree were strewn all over the floor.  The chili I had planned to make for a family we invited over for dinner was still not even close to getting into the crockpot at 12:00.  The Scout Master and June were taking apart something under the sink.  Children were arguing about who did and did not need to take a shower (they all did!)  And I needed to be at church early to play the organ.  Sometimes even late church at 1:00 isn't late enough for me.  

I tried really hard to remember that sometimes good enough is GOOD ENOUGH, but it wasn't sticking.  I was frustrated, grumpy, impatient and HUNGRY.  But I went to church anyway.  

I made it to church...early.   I played the three hymns well enough that everyone could sing them.  And I totally enjoyed all the testimonies today.  There are times that I think I would just keep running at full speed if I didn't have to stop for a few hours each week and go to church.  There's a reason we're supposed to stop and do that.  
"The injunction from God to "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy" (Ex 20:8) has been in force throughout human history.  There is power in keeping the Sabbath day holy.  I testify that God lives, that we are his children, that he loves us, and that he gives us commandments so he can bless us as we keep them and thereby have joy.  As we keep the Sabbath day holy, he will bless us, and we will achieve a quiet power for good as individuals, as families, and as nations, that we cannot obtain in any other way.I further testify that when we eventually see things through the proper perspective of eternal truth, we will be amazed at how much we were blessed in important - though often unperceived - ways through keeping the Sabbath holy."                              - Elder John H. Groberg, The Power of Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, Ensign, Nov 1984 
I did not walk into the chapel this afternoon feeling anything close to "quiet power" but I left there feeling it.  Sometime between 1:00 and 2:15, I stopped thinking about all the things that were wrong with my house and my children, and all the things still left to do at home, and instead thought about the sister who was just called to be the new RS President, and the missionary who is sad about being transferred, and one of my friends who tried really hard to make some missionary efforts this week, but ended up hugely disappointed.  I hugged people in the hallway and thanked people who I hadn't yet had the opportunity to thank for various things they've done.  

I love being at Church.  No matter what I bring with me, the Spirit is always there to soften it, refine it, and clarify it, so that I leave with something much more than I came with.  I am so grateful for the opportunity we have to worship freely, to live in a stake with inspiring, faithful people, and to stop what we're doing once a week to come together and lift one another.  What an amazing blessing.  I have a testimony that Church is the right place to be and that there is power in keeping the Sabbath day holy.

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  1. Agreed. No matter what mood I come to church in, I always leave feeling better. The spirit is an amazing transformer!