Sunday, December 30, 2012

Notes From Church

I did something scary today.  I played a piano solo in Sacrament meeting.  I don't know why I always get so I was seriously shaking up there.  It was the craziest thing.  I've practiced and practiced this song.  And I've played it perfectly in the the privacy of my own home.  But something about playing for a lot of other people is absolutely terrifying.  BUT I did it anyway.  And it was really beautiful.  I don't know if everyone else liked it, but I loved playing it.  My hands were so shaky at the beginning that I came close to messing up a few times, but I caught it.  And then right in the middle of the song at the key change, which is my favorite part, I stopped thinking and just let my fingers do their thing.  For just a second, in the middle of that song, I forgot about all the people in the building and only thought about the people who love me.  I pictured their faces and heard their voices and saw their smiles of encouragement and I played the heck out of that song. And it worked!!  Hooray!!

I know I'm supposed to play the piano.  I know that I've been given this talent so that I can contribute.  I know there's a reason I feel compelled to practice certain songs and that I'm drawn to certain music.  I walked toward that vision today and it worked.  

Silent Night/Still Still Still

Here's what I can listen to it if you want, although this recording isn't me.  It sounds pretty close, though.  :)

It's kinda fun to do scary things on Sunday!


  1. Kudos to you! Sacrament meeting solos scare me to death. I actually started learning that same arrangement for the Christmas meeting, but I chickened out. :P

    1. I love that song so much! I keep wanting to wander back over to the piano and play it again and again. The Christmas music season is too short, I think. :) I'll look forward to hearing about the next piano solo you work on! You can do it!! :)