Saturday, December 22, 2012

State Champions!

Football playoff games at Cowboy Stadium are one of the amazing perks of living in Dallas.  I LOVE this place.  And since I would NEVER in my life be caught dead at an actual Cowboys game, this is the best of both worlds...high school football and an amazing stadium  to watch it in!  

The game didn't start until 8:00pm, but we decided to leave at 4:00pm so that we could stop for dinner on the way and still be there in time to get good seats.  
Everyone felt like hamburgers and since the final days of my way-too-carnivorous year are rapidly coming to an end, I agreed.  This place is a total DIVE, but holy cow! the hamburgers were amazing.  If you have to have a last hamburger of the year, this is the place to have it!

When we got to the stadium, we realized that about 20,000 other people also had the same idea to get to the stadium early, so we texted the Rods (who are always our backup when we don't have good seats) and we made our way up to Section 313 where they had already been for an hour before we arrived.  

Cowboy Stadium is a little like a maze, though, and we ended up snaking through the hallways on the upper levels of the stadium.  Flowering Buttercup found a soul mate, though, so we stopped to take a picture.  (I have no idea which Cowboy this is.  I wonder if he knows he has ice on his head??

I tried out the panorama feature on my phone because you can't really capture Cowboy Stadium without it.  

We sat in Section 313 at about the 30 yard line with 15 of our favorite Allen Eagles fans.

I'm not sure that I really even watched the game on the field, though, because this giant Jumbo Tron (which is as big as my whole house, I think) was so beautifully distracting.  There were almost 50,000 people in attendance at this game!

Here's the band on the Jumbo...

The game was amazing and exciting and I had to jump to my feet more than once to cheer my head off!  And after a pretty intense 4th Quarter, we all celebrated our State Champion Allen Eagles.  Love this team!  Love this high school!  And LOVE LOVE LOVE Cowboy Stadium.  What an amazing way to end a great season.  

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