Friday, December 21, 2012

High Five for Football

It's been an ALL-football month in Allen.  

1.  Mass transit is the only way to go to SMU.  
2.  We ventured onto the train with three of our neighbors and their kids.

3.  When we got to the stadium, we met a few other families and all sat in the same section...right next to the band!!  SO much fun to watch a great game with people you love. 

4.  Halftime was amazing.  But it's always amazing, right?

5.  And, by the way, we happened to WIN this game, 51-36.  In fact, we were ahead the whole game!  So much for those intimidating other Eagles.  

I wrote a H54Football post because now that we've won all the playoff games, guess where the Allen Eagles will be tomorrow night!!  At Cowboy Stadium for the State Championship Game!  We can't wait.  Stay tuned for one more football post before the month is over.

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  1. Yay! Such fun pictures! Football games are the best! Especially when your team wins!! Found you form H54F! you can find me here: