Thursday, December 13, 2012

Throwback Thursday

The teenagers in my house have been telling me for awhile now that I'm such a nerd to have a Flashback Tuesday post.  ("They're supposed to start with the same letter, Mommy!")  Apparently it's Throwback Thursday on Instagram.  (#tbt)  So, I am replacing my Flashback Tuesday posts with a new, improved and more socially acceptable Throwback Thursday post.

In 1997, we flew to Mendon to spend Christmas with the Scout Master's family.  It was the first time I had ever seen snow.  I think if you wait until you're 27 years old to experience snow, you don't love it as much.  I have never really learned to love that stuff.

We weren't very prepared for snow on that trip. I had no idea that fleece wouldn't keep us warm and dry.  We had fun playing in it for a little while, though, and then we hurried back inside to drink hot chocolate and sit by the fire.

Shortly after Christmas, Flowering Buttercup started running a really high fever.  She was so lethargic and wouldn't eat anything.  We waited it out for a couple of days and then finally when we couldn't even get her to drink anything, we took her to the hospital.  She had pneumonia!  So we celebrated New Year's Eve in Logan Regional hospital with our 16 month old baby hooked up to an IV.  She was so pitiful.

A week later, after spending three days in the hospital, she felt so much better and was back to her happy, hungry self.  It was a memorable Christmas for all of us!  

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  1. Well it's about time you became "more socially acceptable" :) jk! Fun pix!