Friday, November 30, 2012

High Five for Friday

It's been an incredibly busy week.  Sandwiching a completely overscheduled week in between two trips is rough for me.  I'm kinda running on fumes, but in a good way.  But I did manage to squeeze in a few iPictures of the week so that I would have something to blog about today.  :)

1.  Christmas Music!  Don't you just love the day after Thanksgiving when Christmas music is officially everywhere?  I do.  I love hearing it in the stores and on the radio.  And I love having my favorites up there on my blog playlist.  You should listen to them.  They're great!  

2.  Allen Christmas Tree Lighting.  We had no idea this was going on, but happened to be having dinner right next to it, so we walked over to see the beautiful Christmas tree in the middle of downtown Allen.  

3.  Panda!  Because every now and then orange chicken is just what you need.

4.  Fluffy Bunnies.  I'll have to write a whole post on this one because it's complicated, but just know that these little guys made a lot of us happy this week.

5.  Fellowship Christian Center Church.  We had the incredible opportunity to listen to this amazing choir sing tonight.  They were the real thing.  Unihibited, amazing talent.  I could have listened to them all night.  They were the kind of choir that makes you want to jump up and sing with them...or jump up and do something!  I wanted to hug every one of them after they finished.  The Spirit is present in different kinds of music and different churches, for sure!  You could not listen to this choir and not feel that.  Their testimonies lit up the entire building. I wish we had more music like this.  

I'm grateful that the Christmas season has trickled into to the little spaces of the week that I haven't overbooked.  I'm grateful for a few quieter days ahead.  I'm grateful for all forms, and at every time of year, but especially in December.  I hope you had a great week and that the weekend reminds you of all the beautiful things that the Christmas season brings.  

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