Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mormon Boys

We have a girl in our ward who just moved here from Connecticut a few months ago.  She is bubbly and happy and SO outgoing.  She taught all of our girls this hilarious camp song that she had learned at Girls Camp a few years ago (apparently those east coast campers are pretty dang cool!)  And then our girls taught it to the rest of the stake.  (I didn't check to see how the Stake YW Presidency felt about that, but it was still super fun!!)

Just in case you can't understand what they're saying...

I like Mormon Boys and I cannot lie
There's something that I can't deny
When a boy walks in with scriptures in his hand and a smile upon his face
You get a date!
A celestial mate
But NO!  
He's going on a mission.  
Leaving you wishin' that you had a man
Someone to hold your hand
We don't like your preachin'
Cuz your brothers are hot and you are not
So bring on the righteous priests!

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