Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Horton Hears a Who

OK...I'm starting to come down off my Girls Camp high...slowly.  I think this is the last camp-related post until next year.  (Oh...I said I would do one on the food, didn't I?  Um...I might have to skip that one.  But let me just say it was AMAZING!!  All organic, tons of veggies and whole wheat everything, homemade alfredo sauce one night!  We were seriously spoiled!

This year's theme for Girls Camp was "Dr. Seuss and President Monson's ABC's."  When I first heard it, I thought it was a little awkward.  It was long, and it required a little bit of explaining to get the girls to understand exactly what it meant.  It wasn't as straightforward as some past camp themes, like "Your Happily Ever After" or "Arise and Shine Forth."  But...guess what...it worked!  (I really need to work on that trust thing...)

In January, the First Presidency message was called Living the Abundant Life.  I remember reading it and being very inspired and moved by it.  I even wrote a blog post called Abundance after I read it.  In his message, President Monson challenged all of us to make a significant quest this year for the abundant life.  And then he gave three ways to do that...

Have a positive Attitude.
Believe in yourself.
Face challenges with Courage.

The Stake Young Women's Presidency took those ABC's from President Monson's message and combined them with the 75th anniversary of Dr. Seuss books and came up with the Camp theme.   

Throughout the week, there were Dr. Seuss influences everywhere.  T-shirts, stripey socks, Cat in the Hat mailboxes.  It was really fun.  And more than once, Dr. Seuss books were read or quoted.  

On Wednesday, our theme activity was a lesson on Attitude.  One of the YW Presidents from another ward taught an awesome lesson on how we have the ability to choose how we handle the challenges we face.  She talked a lot about deciding to be happy and relying on the blessings of the gospel to help us see the good in things.  And then at the very end, she read part of this book (one of my all time favorites)...

Horton knew something that no one else believed because they couldn't see or hear it.  And no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't make them understand.  But he still KNEW.  And he never gave up.  Even when his little clover was thrown into a giant field of a million other clovers, he didn't stop looking until he found it.  Even when all those crazy jungle animals dragged him off to court, he never stopped believing.  He KNEW what he KNEW.  And eventually they figured it out, too. 

I love Horton.  I'm a big fan of elephants anyway, but this one is seriously awesome!  I love that hearing that book read in the context of that lesson last week helped me remember to KNOW WHAT I KNOW and never waiver.  I don't have to be on trial because of the things I believe, and I rarely have to prove them to other people, but I need to be faithful and courageous and have a good attitude because when I don't, I lose sight of the things that I know.  I'm grateful that all good things can testify of Christ.  I'm grateful that He has given us opportunities to remember the things we already know.  And I'm grateful for the little moments of clarity I had at Girls Camp last week.  I can't wait till next year.  

Be Good.  Be Patient.  Don't Forget.

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