Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beehive Spotlights

This year in YW we decided to start a new tradition with the incoming Beehives.  We wanted each of the moms to have an opportunity to introduce their daughters to the group and tell us any fun, interesting things we might not already know about them.  Since this was June's first official Sunday as a Beehive, and since she is the first one of 2012, and since I am her mom, I got to kick off our new Beehive Spotlight tradition.   
This is my favorite picture of the girls.  I love that Spell Girl is in the middle with her arms around the other two.  I love that TCD's hair is so curly.  I love that they agreed to the matching dresses for Easter for a few of those early years.  And I LOVE that sassy look on June's face.  

This is the picture that I showed the girls.  And here's what I said...

"As of today, there are officially FOUR Thunells in YW...phew! that's a LOT!  All of you know the three of us who have been here for awhile, but today you get to meet the newest one.  She is totally different than her sisters.  She loves sharks and the beach and roller coasters.  She is afraid of nothing...really...there's nothing I can think of that scares her.  She tries out for everything, volunteers for everything, and is the first one in line for everything!  She likes to surprise us...sometimes it's jumping out from behind a corner, and sometimes it's unloading the dishwasher without being asked.  She is helpful and organized and enjoys cleaning other people's rooms way more than she likes cleaning her own.  She is as good at soccer and skateboarding as she is at doing her hair and painting her fingernails.  I am so happy to finally get to bring all of my daughters to YW with me on Wednesday nights."

And then I sat back down and watched all of my sweet Beehives help June with the YW Theme (which I forgot to give her a copy of), and guide her in the right direction when we split for classes, and sit next to her and make her feel welcome on her first official day as a Beehive.    I love those girls and I am SO grateful to have such great examples for June to watch in the coming months and years.  I hope she loves YW as much as the rest of us do.

I sometimes feel a lot of pressure being in YW with my daughters.  Years ago when I was Primary President, I felt a different kind of pressure.  I remember having to sit them all down one night and talk to them about not getting their feelings hurt if I didn't call on them every single Sharing Time, and about how I needed to make sure the Primary kids knew that I loved ALL of them, not just my own kids.  It's different with teenagers.  They sometimes want to hug you and they sometimes wish you would disappear.  There is a delicate balance to walk when you are both their mom and their YW leader.  I'm not sure if I walk it very well all of the time, but we'll all have to figure out these new dynamics together.  I'm just glad that I get the opportunity to do try.  I love knowing what they're doing on Wednesday nights, and seeing who their friends are, and being part of the testimony building that happens during Sunday lessons.  There is no place I'd rather be.  

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