Thursday, June 14, 2012


I love SUPER LOVE it!  When I started this blog, I realized pretty quickly that for it to adequately represent my personality it definitely needed music.  So, I found a playlist on a friend's blog, borrowed the link, embedded it here, and quickly added about 200 songs that would play in no particular order every time someone visited.  Occasionally, because of copyright issues, songs would randomly be deleted from my playlist, but for the most part, I LOVED using that website.  They had a fairly good selection of music.  It was reliable.  And it fit my needs.  Until a few weeks ago, when changed their format.    They discontinued allowing users to use embed codes to share their playlists as of June 1.  Huge disappointment. may or may not have noticed the deafening silence on this blog for the past 14 days.      
But let me tell you, it's been making me completely crazy to have to come up with other sources of music...or worse! go without any music at all...when I'm on here.  Typically, I have this blog up on my Mac throughout the day and just let the music play.  The number of other people in my house determines the volume level, but it's ALWAYS on.  

But YESTERDAY, between driving around, I decided to try a little harder to find another "embeddable" playlist for my blog...and I FOUND ONE here!   I haven't entirely re-created that other playlist because the music selection on this one is a little different.  But at least my top 5 were available!  I can work with that.   So today was a totally happy day when I got on the Mac and there was MUSIC again.  I plan to spend the next few days building back up to 200 of my favorite songs.  


I hope that makes other people as happy as it makes me.  

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